The purpose of PEISMON project is to develop the necessary technologies to monitor pesticides from greenhouse down to the consumer so that pesticide exposure to the targeted pests is maximized while human pesticide exposure is minimized.
This holistic approach necessitates spatial monitoring of the greenhouse environment (air temperature and relative humidity) using several sensors connected to a WSN and applying pesticides only when the observed conditions are favorable for pests and diseases development .
After pesticide application, pesticide monitoring using materials and technologies to obtain both real time concentration information in the greenhouse ambient environment as well as on the crops will follow.
To address the challenge of pesticide monitoring the project will follow a twofold approach: an optical highly sensitive and selective method will be developed for measuring pesticide concentration on the crops by lightweight portable equipment while a wireless sensor network including electronic microsensors will be developed for remote measurements so that environmental conditions including pesticides are continuously monitored in the greenhouse.
It is worth underlying that successful demonstration of the optical sensing technology in the greenhouse could also give future access to the consumer market as a rapid versatile methodology for detection of pesticides residues.